Mind's Eye admitted that she's not actually pregnant with Destruct-O-Dad's baby. He just paid her to say that.

Super Haters #404

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Destruct-O-Dad = Destruct-O-Dick. What an asshole.

Quick update on the Super Haters eBooks: the free period to download the beta versions of Volumes 1-3 is over. I took them down last night because I uploaded finalized copies to an online store. I'll be putting everything together here on the blog over the weekend, so...

...see ya on Monday with purchasing info for the official Super Haters eBooks PLUS lots more Destruct-O-Family drama!!!

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  1. D-Tron's Dad is a "secret asshole"? When did this happen?

  2. What do you mean by "secret"? I'M CONFUSED!

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