Wet Dream can't get a straight answer out of any of the Marvelous Detectives.

Marvelous Detectives #8

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Ahhhhhhh profanity makes everything funnier. BRAINS! is an old school Super Haters character who first appeared here.

Do you have an abnormally large amount of time to kill today? I ask because the latest A Podcast with Ross and Nick is 3.5 hours long!!! Ross and I are joined by Aaron Conley to talk about art, comic books, superheroes, and tons more. Hope ya likey what you heary.

Tomorrow in Super Haters Marvelous Detectives: A new character harasses Wet Dream!!

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  1. 3.5 hours! Ugh.

    Yup, corporations and their Damn Liability!

  2. I know, it's obscenely long.

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