Wet Dream is confused about why he didn't get paid for his first week of work with the Marvelous Detectives.

Marvelous Detectives #6

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Way to go, Battle Pixie. Now Wet Dream is even more confused!!!

In other news, the Haters make a background appearance in the latest page from Jeremy Baum's Extravagant Traveler comic. The story's main character Ed Piskor has a wall adorned with posters featuring comics made by Pittsburgh creators, including Shawn Atkins's Gello Apolcalypse, Tom Scioli's Godland, Jim Rugg's Afrodisiac, and the Super Haters.

But regardless of D-Tron and Mind's Eye, you should check out this page anyway because Jeremy's art is fucking sweet!!! He's got a totally unique style with gorgeous raw line work and fantastic hues that beautifully straddle the line between gray tones and colors. And if I'm lucky, you'll be hearing a lot more about Jeremy here on the Super Haters blog in the coming months...

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