Things are off to a bad start for Wet Dream.

Marvelous Detectives #3

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Anyhoooooo... unrelated to the webcomic, I posted a sweet new episode of the AudioShocker Podcast yesterday wherein Neal (the original sounding board for the Haters!!) and I discuss the lead henchman role in action movies. Remember when Destruct-O-Tron was trying to recruit his own henchman? Ahhhhh, those were good times.

Speaking of good times, get your mutherfucking asses back here tomorrow for another installment of Marvelous Detectives. <3

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  1. Sister Hoodoo is a bag of dicks! Dolphins don't have internet,they have smoke signals.Get it right lady.

  2. Obviously she knows nothing about dolphin society.

  3. Aha! Starting to get the flavor here. Welcome to the big leagues now let us abuse you. XD Funny cause it's true!

  4. hehehe exactly.

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