While Mind's Eye wanders off to hunt down Mr. Magnifico, Destruct-O-Tron is stuck with the murderous Wet Dream.

Marvelous Detectives #17

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Today's webcomic features what is possibly the longest payoff in Super Haters history!! Destruct-O-Tron first mentioned his Laser Cannon back in Super Haters #5 (which was originally posted three years ago yesterday).

And while hunting down the links to that old webcomic, I just realized it has a typo in it -- I spelled cannon as "canon" by mistake. Bonus points for catching a three-year-old typo!!!

Also, today is my homage to Kevin Hopgood's incredible Iron Man artwork from the early 90s.

Following up on yesterday's blog post, I got so much awesome feedback on the eBooks on Facebook. Big ups to everyone who shared their opinions and advice. I'm still looking for more thoughts on the PDFs I posted yesterday, so download 'em while they're still free!!

See ya tomorrow when I'll reveal the shocking fate of Wet Dream (a.k.a. "Fried Fish")!!!

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  1. Man, this reminds me of MechQuest. Now you won't get any work done - http://mechquest.com/

  2. hahaha my blue sky/green ground background makes it feel exactly like MechQuest: http://images.wikia.com/mechquest/images/3/3d/MechQuest.jpg

    that's a total coincidence, though, because i've never seen or heard of MechQuest until today!!!

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