Mind's Eye can't give Wet Dream his old job back because Destruct-O-Tron has actually started fighting crime!

Marvelous Detectives #14

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If you hate animated GIFs, here's a static PNG version of today's webcomic. But enough of that... D-Tron is back, baby!!! BTW, have you heard D-Train before? They're fucking great. Here's "Keep On."

Soooooo I don't have any podcasts or music to share with you today. I mean, I wrote this blog post about Jean-Claude Van Damme earlier today. But uhhhh do you even care?

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  1. Sounds like Minds Eye has been reading up on basic human motivation in anticipation of her baby and is applying it to D-Tron!

  2. Basic child motivation, but yeah pretty much...

  3. I thought she was talking about D-Trons junk when she said "little crime fighter." But word on the street is that he calls it "the big crime fighter" though I'm not sure you can trust his own word on that....

  4. Incorrect -- it's called the "Bulldozer"

    There was a brief time when I called it "Night Justice" but that one didn't go over so well...

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