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Marvelous Detectives #13

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My Spidey Sense tells me Randall is lying out of his ass. *snicker* Damn, I am just so fucking punny today!!

Following up on yesterday, I sent out my email about Super Haters Guest Weeks (sorry to those of you I've already collaborated with, but this email was only for new collaborators... your email will go out in a week or so!). Hopefully I'll have some kickass news for you soon :D

But wait... don't go yet!!! My biggest news of the day is that I podcasted with my webcomics hero -- Rebecca Cohen, creator of The Adventures of Gyno-Star -- on Sequential Underground #46. We discuss genre and format in webcomics.

In particular, we spend a lot of time elaborating on the differences between gag-a-day comic strips vs. ongoing narratives. That's especially relevant for me because yesterday's strip eschewed the typical Haters punchline and went with a non-joke to push the plot forward. That's something I've been wanting to do more and more lately, though I don't want to betray my readers who've come to expect a zany joke every day. AHHHHHHH!!! Creative dilemma!!!

Anyway, be back tomorrow for the return of Destruct-O-Tron.

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  2. You can't have a zany punchline AND push the plot forward?

  3. I can definitely do both, which is what I try to do most of the time (hopefully you agree!). But lately I've been finding that I'm more in the mood to push the plot/theme forward a couple of days a week rather than tell a joke.

  4. Ha ha! Nice cover!

  5. I dig the middle panel very classy. Actually I diggin the whole strip today, thumbs up!

  6. @Human/Nature Comic: "Nice cover"? HUH???

    @Shawn: THX!!!!!!!! :D

  7. ross says:

    i like the thought balloon addition, you should do more of those.

  8. THX! :D

    I've used 'em a couple of times before (here and here), but it's been a while. Just for you, I'll do a whole story arc of heads thinking about stuff.

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