Wet Dream approached Mr. Magnifico about the weirdness with his paychecks and all he got was a bunch of chummy bullshit.

Marvelous Detectives #11

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Mind's Eye is back!! And Destruct-O-Tron isn't too far behind ;D

Over the weekend, I posted a couple of videos I made back in the mid-00s. First up is Emancipation, a questionable deep art film from 2003 featuring a guy in an Abraham Lincoln costume smashing stuff with a baseball bat. The version I've posted is a re-edit, including a new backing song and a tighter runtime.

Next up is Spider-Man vs. Xandu, a stupid NSFW Spidey parody I filmed in 2005. I play multiple roles in this lo-fi, low brow stinker. It features an original song I recorded to go along with it, which I guarantee is faaaaar better than video.

Lastly, Haters artist extraordinaire Andrew Kilian is looking to make a few extra bucks, and he's offering awesome sketches at super-low prices. Check out his deviantART journal post about it for more info.

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