Wet Dream dissolved his new partnership with Mind's Eye and left with Sister Hoodoo to join the Marvelous Detectives.

Marvelous Detectives #1

Super Haters #399Marvelous DetectivesMarvelous Detectives #2
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"A bold and daring new direction for cut-and-paste superhero satire webcomics, brought to you by the creators of the Super Haters. Goodbye Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye... hello Marvelous Detectives!!!"

For this new story arc, I've decided to eschew our regular branding and instead shine the spotlight on a different kind of superteam. While Mind's Eye and Destruct-O-Tron run a homepsun effort with the Super Haters, the Marvelous Detectives are the premiere corporate superteam of their universe. This new story arc will explore Wet Dream's experience as the newbie on a team full of seasoned veterans. It'll also mercilessly mock the horrible shit that companies try to do to their employees.

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  1. Awesome change cant wait for more.

  2. Thx dude!!

  3. So, curious; why not label the story arc Marvelous Detectives instead of changing the title? Novelties sake? Look forward to seeing how this plays out.

  4. So Wet Dream is obviously Aquaman from DC, but with Sister Hoodoo is that a specific Marvel character or just a mash up?

  5. @Kilian: 1. FOR FUN!!! 2. To be specific (and for legal clarification), Wet Dream is a satire of popular aquatic superheroes, most notably (but not exclusively!!) Aquaman. Sister Hoodoo is a satire of popular magic-based superheroes, most notably (but not exclusively!) Brother Voodoo.

  6. ... That was very anti-libelous of you. Thanks.

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