After transforming Destruct-O-Tron back into a human, Sister Hoodoo left with Wet Dream.

Super Haters #399

Super Haters #398Work for HireMarvelous Detectives #1
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Well, that's it! This the conclusion/epilogue to the Work for Hire story arc. What's next, you ask? You're just gonna have to listen to today's brand new Destruct-O-Cast podcast to find out!

This episode is audio commentary for the Work for Hire story arc. Basically, you can read along while I go through each strip and share behind-the-scenes stuff about the story's creation and production. I'll be posting the entire story arc later today on Facebook, and I'll link to it from here once it's up. EDIT: Here's the entire Work for Hire story arc on Facebook!

On Monday: NOT Super Haters #400.

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  1. Sweet! and good ending!

  2. Mind's eye needs more facial expressions.

  3. @Shawn: Spanx!!!

    @Kilian: She's got four of them!! Normal, surprised, silently smiling, and silently blank.

  4. ross says:

    Mind's Eye's closed mouth makes all the difference in this one.

  5. Difference good or difference bad?!?

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