After transforming Destruct-O-Tron into his essence, Sister Hoodoo tweaked her spell and gave it another shot.

Super Haters #397

Super Haters #396Work for HireSuper Haters #397
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HEY WOULDJA LOOK AT DAT!!! Destruct-O-Tron is back in his regular body. Took him long enough.

Today, there's a new episode of A Podcast with Ross and Nick. We're talking about comics. A LOT of comics. Can u dig it?

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  1. YAY!! HE'S BACK!!!

  2. That's right, mutherfuckers. I have normal fingers again. I CAN TYPE!

  3. Hey, he wears glasses?! My hero!

  4. ross says:

    such a cop-out!!! come on!

  5. NO IT'S NOT!!! I deserved to look normal again. Plus, you have no idea what going on underneath that armor... I COULD HAVE TENTACLES AND SHIT!!!

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