One of Mind's Eye's rivals -- Sister Hoodoo -- has arrived to safely escort Wet Dream to his new home.

Super Haters #393

Super Haters #392Work for HireSuper Haters #394
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Hmmm... I sense a little bit of tension. What about you?

In other news, there's a special episode of the Sequential Underground indie comics podcast out today -- Brian John Mitchell, prolific mini-comics creator and past Super Haters guest, joins me to discuss the aftermath of his successful Kickstarter project. It's an episode packed full of great advice for people interested in running their own Kickstarter campaigns.

Speaking of which... how would you feel if I put on a Super Haters Kickstarter project for a collected edition print run? How much would you pay for a physical tome of the first 400 Super Haters strips? And what kinds of incentives could I offer that would get you really excited to pledge to the project???

BTW, if no one answers those questions then I'll assume that you want me to eat shit and die. And it's okay to say, "Meh. I don't wanna read a print version of the Haters." That's okay with me too :D

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  1. Only Nulifa can Hate with a smile.

  2. Great strip and i think thats a good idea for kick starter print book.

  3. @Shawn: Thx :D

    @Andrew: Haterz be hatin'.

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