Wet Dream wants to leave his partnership with Mind's Eye and Sister Hoodoo has shown up to make sure it happens!

Super Haters #392

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You can get a closer look at Sister Hoodoo on deviantART.

On the latest Sequential Underground podcast, Shawn Atkins and I rant about the changes we'd like to see in the comic book industry. He's got a list of great stuff that he believes would attract new readers. Meanwhile, I just say "fuck new readers!" and advocate creating the bestest and weirdest stories possible.

Also, you may notice a few ads popping up on the Haters blog over the next few days. I'm gonna try to generate a wee bit of cash flow through advertising. If, at any time, the ads begin to hinder your enjoyment of the webcomic or your use of the blog... LET ME KNOW!!! My goal is to integrate advertising in a way that doesn't detract from the content.

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  1. "I'll cut you bitch" is such a good response to pretty much everything.

  2. I use it multiple times a day.

    Waiter: "Here's your sandwich, sir."

    Me: "I'LL CUT YOU, BITCH!"

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