Shaenon Garrity shared some thoughts about Super Haters in her first set of webcomics capsule reviews on The Comics Journal.

Here's an excerpt:

I'm bummed that she spent most of the review ripping into the early Haters strips and didn't mention any of the good stuff that happened between #50-350 (plus, she calls it "Superhaters" the whole time)... but, regardless, it still feels good to get trashed by TCJ!!! ;D

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  1. The second half of the review was positive. I think you endeared him.

  2. I guess so... though I'd say it's more like the last quarter of the review and not the second half. I mean, she prefaced her endearment with "this is not a good webcomic" so I'm not completely convinced :|

  3. I read all the reviews & I think what she thinks makes a good web comic is nothing like what you think makes a good webcomic. Because part of what makes Super Haters great is that it's a long form daily strip instead of a graphic novel where your supposed to read the whole thing over the course of five years but that will stop coming out after two years. I wish I hadn't been so busy this week so I could've done another fan fiction strip....

  4. I normally read her whole column... but to be totally honest, I just read the Super Haters review in this one and skipped the rest.

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