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Super Haters #382

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Say hello to the newest Super Haters character -- ***CENSORED***!!! (Sorry folks... ***CENSORED***'s name is a part of the story and I'm not ready to reveal it just yet.)

In other news, some of you may have noticed a difference here on the Haters website. If you did, then I applaud your perceptive abilities. I've decided to eschew my usual "Super Haters #3XX" blog post titles. Instead, I'm switching over to a plot-based system that emphasizes where a specific webcomic sits within the the current story arc.

See, I had a sudden change of heart yesterday regarding comic book and webcomics numbering. While I love the notion of sequential comics with numbers that climb into oblivion, I think that system is actually a detriment to new readers and people who prefer to read comics in chunks. Hopefully my new naming system is easier to digest for Haters newbies, as well as a good change of pace for those of you who prefer to read a week or two worth of Super Haters webcomics at once.

Obviously, the numbering still appears on the comics themselves and in the URLs, just not in the blog post titles or the archives.

As a side note, if you'd like to listen to me rant about my new-found distaste for endless numbering, check out today's A Podcast with Ross and Nick.

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