Mind's Eye just broke the news to Destruct-O-Tron -- she has a new crime fighting partner.

Super Haters #381

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Bait and switch!! BOO-YAH. I guess Destruct-O-Bot won't be hanging around for this story arc after all...

But I'll tell ya what -- I really struggled with the wording on this strip. Sometimes it works out so easily and other times I second guess every line of dialogue. Today's webcomic was one of those instances where I just couldn't get the wording to work to my satisfaction. I rewrote it over and over. YEESH!!!

In other news, there's a fresh AudioShocker Podcast out today wherein Justique and I talk to a very cranky Neal about Battleship, Men in Black III, The Avengers, and jammers. This episode is for the old school AudioShocker fans out there -- if you enjoy listening to 'Stique and I as we fuck with cranky Neal, I promise this one won't disappoint.

Anyhoo, back to Super Haters. Tomorrow = more fun stuff happens. You don't wanna miss it!!

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  1. Whooops! I had a typo in the last panel. Thx to Brian John Mitchell for catching it :D

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