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Super Haters #379

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Guest Week
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And that's a wrap. Mega super awesome big THX to Virginia Shields for tackling this story with me. I hope you had as much fun reading this tale as Virginia and I had making it!!!

Speaking of which, if you'd like to find out more about the creation and production of Virginia Shields Guest Week (which is now posted in its entirety on Facebook), then you should check out this week's Destruct-O-Cast podcast! Virginia and I chitchat about our collabo, plus we talk about the dead cat in her back yard and how she ended up on the cover of the New York Times:

Next week, I'll be back on art duties with a brand new story called Work for Hire. Also, I'm trying out a new sharing tactic on Facebook because I'm fucking sick of over-hyping things all of the time. So if you don't see me posting a link from my personal profile, that doesn't mean a new comic isn't out! Instead, keep a watch on the Super Haters Facebook page or the Super Haters Twitter account for updates.

Comments on Virginia Shields Guest Week pt 5? We got 2 so far... leave yours now!

  1. ross says:

    this one was great! i love the little gross rat creatures. not to criticize here but to critique, i love the poop-vomit as you know, so i feel like you guys peaked with that in this arc, but it would've been great if you repeated that gag for the final panel here. you kinda did with the burp seeming a little poop-like, but it would've been funny if the little baby creature puked up a huge mess of poop-barf like the original big creature did. would've been a good call-back or whatever. ;)

  2. Glad you dug it!!

    And I appreciate the critique. I mean, how can I argue with more poop vomit? You're right. Another panel of fecal puke would've really sent this story out on a high note.

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