Destruct-O-Tron brought home a giant, gross monster that vomited poop all over Mind's Eye.

Super Haters #377

Super Haters #376Virginia Shields
Guest Week
Super Haters #378
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AWWWW YEAH, BABY!! The Bot is in the building!!! As a few of you may already know, Destruct-O-Bot is my personal favorite Super Haters character. Don't get me wrong -- I love Mind's Eye and Destruct-O-Tron a lot. But Bot is bitchy and smart and tough and annoying... and I just can't get enough :) So I was stoked when this story arc gave us an opportunity to bring Beth back into the comic.

In other news, Virginia Shields has relaunched as a blog and she announced it yesterday with a fantastically cheeky webcomic. Check it out!!

In even more other news, today sees the release of a new Sequential Underground podcast on the AudioShocker. We discuss not making money and setting plans for the future. Ya know, indie comics type stuff.

And finally, Virginia and I are recording a Destruct-O-Cast podcast tonight about our collaboration. If you have any questions for us or topics that you'd like us to discuss, leave 'em in the comments :D

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