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Super Haters #376

Super Haters #375Virginia Shields
Guest Week
Super Haters #377
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Here's the creative breakdown for this story arc:

  • Virginia and I plotted this arc together.
  • I fleshed out our plot into a script.
  • Virginia penciled and inked the story.
  • I scanned and colored her awesome art.
  • I formatted it into Super Haters squares.
  • I lettered am still lettering our tale.

If you're relatively new to Super Haters, you may not know my mindset on comics credits, so I'll make it simple for you -- I think artists (namely pencilers) deserve to be listed first. I could go on and on about why I believe that's the case, but suffice to say that you'll always see artists listed ahead of myself if I'm the writer.

Oddly enough, the comic book that inspired me to take a stand on this issue was Iron Man's Armor Wars II, where writer John Byrne was credited after penciler John Romita, Jr. and inker Bob Wiacek in all of the original issues. Something about that format resonated with me and I've been slowly making the change to that crediting system for all of my comics.

Comments on Virginia Shields Guest Week pt 2? We got 3 so far... leave yours now!

  1. Awesome! The subtlety and wit I've come to know and love.

  2. Thank you, Andrew. Your continued input drives me to constantly refine my subtle approach, attempting to layer each comic strip with greater symbolism and depth.

    For example, in this webcomic the poop vomit symbolizes vomit composed of poop.

  3. Watching Nilufa get covered in shit puke was one of the greatest moments of my entire life.

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