Mind's Eye's magic couldn't turn Destruct-O-Tron human again... so he told everybody that she's a phone sex operator.

Super Haters #374

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And that's a wrap for Glorious!!! Now that it's complete, I wanna send out some thank yous:

  • Ross, for suggesting I use Glory in a story, for making it happen, and for being my script consultant.
  • Justique, for swooping in and saving the day with hilarious punchlines and great Glory dialogue.
  • Andrew Kilian and Shawn Atkins, for being so kickass-tically supportive.
  • And YOU, for reading this right now. Yeah, that's right. You.

Next week is 100% Virginia Shields Guest Week teasers, plus a Glorious recap podcast on Friday. See ya then!!!

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  1. So is Destructo-Ralf accidentally going to go where no one has gone before?

  2. Well, it depends... what is "where no one has gone before"???

  3. Hank says:

    God I love that spaceship.

  4. I'll get you one for your birthday.

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