After spotting RALF's dead body (actually, it was Destruct-O-Tron's body... *long story*), Mind's Eye wants to have a talk with Glory.

Super Haters #372

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Yesterday, I posted the new Characters page, something which has been a long time comin'! Currently, there are only eight brief bios. But eventually I'll get around to putting up the other 100+ characters. (Okay, okay... it's more like 20+, not 100+.)

On Facebook, Andrew Kilian said: "I like how D-Tron and Mind's Eye get full tiers whereas the rest have to split them. So you've got two dead characters now, time for some new ones? And where the hell is Captain Nasty?"

Thx for the juicy comment, Kilian! I was flirting with full tiers for everyone, but I just didn't have that much to say about all of them! Plus, I want to emphasize that D-Tron and Mind are the stars ;D

The dead ones (for now) are still pretty relevant because they've been a crucial part of the last 100 strips. I know you weren't calling me out or anything, but I wanted to let you know that I was very consciously putting up bios for dead characters!

And new characters? Well, after Virginia Shields's Guest Week (which sorta features a new character, natch), I'll be introducing two new superheroes in a story arc called "Work For Hire." I think you're really gonna like them.

And, finally, Captain Nasty probably won't be up there until I draw a new version of him facing sideways. Which won't happen until I have a story to tell with him... which probably will happen now that you've planted the seed in my brain!!!

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