My "editor" was none too happy with the final panel of Friday's Super Haters #369. So he did his own version:

Super Haters #369... with more blood

Ross Campbell -- artist of the monthly Glory series from Image Comics (buy it!!) AND the dude who set the mood for this story arc -- wanted more gore. JEEZ. C'mon, Ross. Super Haters is on a strict budget here. Special FX are expensive and I need to save most of this month's budget for our next story arc, Massacre at the Milwaukee Riverdance Exhibition (Two Shows Nightly).

Uhhhh, BTW, we still your help with that voting thing. Seriously, Now might be the time to start buying votes. I'm not even joking. You can buy 10 votes for a $1. The money goes to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (an organization which I'm sure will be bailing the Haters out of a few scraps in the future). Also, if you're not sure why you should vote, here are two good reasons.

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