After being told that he sucks now, Destruct-O-Tron (in RALF's body, natch) was determined to do something ridiculous.

Super Haters #366

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WHOOPH!!! The initial voting for the Mix May Mayhem 2012 NSFW Webcomics Tournament is over. And I gotta be honest with you -- I sorta hated being such a huckster about getting votes. But I really wanted to see if we could get the Haters into the tourney!! As of right now, I dunno how many webcomics will be included in the official competition. Super Haters ranked 22nd out of 55 entries... so not a bad showing for our first foray into something like this!

And like Destruct-O-Tron says in today's comic, I need to send out a humongous THANK YOU to those of you who voted for Super Haters... not to mention all of you who shared the voting link with your friends. Thx for supporting this goofy little webcomic :)

In completely unrelated news, you may remember that I planned to participate in an event called Cartooning All Night last weekend. Well... everything went great! Here's the fruit of my labors -- a three-page story called Run Backwards. It's weird.

Also, there's a fresh AudioShocker Podcast out today. We talk about Jem, Korra, The Net, and more. And that's it for today. See you tomorrow with more RALF and Glory.

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  1. James says:

    This made me feel dirty. Thank you

  2. You're so welcome.

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