Despite constant rejection, RALF hasn't given up on trying to get into Glory's pants errrr, uhh... battle suit.

Super Haters #365

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Okay, Haters Fans. Today is the day. The day when I REALLY SUPER PLEASE NEED YOUR HELP to get the Super Haters into the Mix May Mayhem 2012 NSFW Webcomics Tournament. Last week, I needed your nomination, and now I need your vote to be a contender in the big battle. Even if you already voted this past weekend, PLS vote again!!!

Here's the thing -- despite the fact that you guys have been so incredibly awesome and supportive (especially Jeremy Baum, Angela Capel, and Ed Quillin) about the pre-stages of this tournament, the fact is that Super Haters is the underdog webcomic right now. I've got huge hope that we'll do great when it comes to the actual tournament, but we've gotta make it in there first!

All ya gotta do is click here, check the Super Haters box, and hit the vote button. That's it. AND FUCKING DO IT FAST!!! Because voting ends tonight at 11:59 PM.

In other news, movie Hulk is hairy. I don't know why, but I feel like that's a massive victory. Tomorrow: Mind's Eye! And other stuff.

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  2. That's a Justique special right there. Take a bow, Justique!!!

  3. ross says:

    haha, Glory's dialogue is the best.

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