Glory's rejecting all of RALF's advances... but he's not giving up!!!

Super Haters #363

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This weekend, I'm participating in the Cartooning All Night section of Pittsburgh's Art All Night event. Here are more details about my appearance and here's yesterday's Sequential Underground podcast about the Cartooning All Night activity.

Also, I want to send out a huge THXXX to those of you who nominated the Super Haters for the Mix May Mayhem 2012 NSFW Webcomics Tournament. Shout-outs to Shawn Atkins, Marcel Walker, and Jared Catherine. And I certainly wouldn't mind if anyone else still wants to nominate the Haters!!! All you have to do is click here and say: I nominate Super Haters:

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  1. I think I hear wedding bells! :) Or at least a porno sound track. Bow chicka wow WOW!

  2. Porno bells?

  3. Porno balls maybe?

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmm delicious porno balls... *drool*

  5. ross says:

    haha, nice. i like the Glory continuity shout-out, too, but what you need is an asterisk next to that and one of those little boxes like "as seen in GLORY #24 --ed."

  6. hehehehe yeah i totally dropped the ball. i should done:

    "so i beat his ugly face in.*"

    "*See Glory #24 for the gruesome action! In stores now. -Ed."

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