Destruct-O-Tron and RALF are now... Destruct-O-RALF and DALF!!! Okay, not really. But they did switch bodies.

Super Haters #361

Super Haters #360GloriousSuper Haters #362
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OH YEAH, BABY!!! Get it, Todd. Get it, Todd!!

Tomorrow: RALF (in Destruct-O-Tron's body) tries to charm the armor off of Glory.

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  1. Classy!

  2. Only the finest for you, Shawn.

  3. "Wish me Fuck" I can't believe that never occurred to me to say. Ever! I like how D-Tron's pupils dilate at the prospect of intergalactic porn.

  4. @Kilian: I thought I got "wish me fuck" from Justique but she says that she got it from me! And I'm so glad you noticed his eyes :) It makes all those little things worth it for me someone picks up on them.

  5. Hank says:

    Wonderful pink spaceship of pornography!

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