RALF wants some quality time with Glory. Destruct-O-Tron wants to get out of house arrest. They have a plan -- switch bodies.

Super Haters #360

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I hope you dig today's animated comic strip! However, if you hate animated GIFs and you'd rather read a static version of this webcomic, I got you covered -- here's a PNG of Super Haters #360.

FYI, this isn't the first time I've done a GIF Super Haters strip -- about a year ago, Super Haters #132 had a little blinky-blinky in it. That comic was the beginning of the Destruct-O-Inferno arc, an ambitious concept by Justique to send Todd on a journey through Hell. Of course, we can only hope that switching bodies with RALF will end up being just as terrible for him.

Today also happens to be the first time we've seen RALF's spaceship. You may remember that he's an alien named Norman Sheboygan from the planet Fezpuk, where they like their noses large and their nipples hard.

One more thing -- I have a new podcast up today about Justice League Task Force, a goofy mid-90s fighting game featuring DC Comics characters. Since Super Haters is all about superheroes and the stupid shit that they do, I figure you might also be interested in learning more about this weird and wild video game. Anyway, that's all. See you tomorrow with more body-switching shenanigans!

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  1. Awesome!

  2. I like how they can't get anything right! :D

  3. @Shawn: Thx dude!!!

    @Kilian: Yeah, they're total schmucks. But they ~sorta~ got this one right!

  4. The introduction of semi-animation is awesome.

  5. @Brian: MEGA THX!!!

  6. ross says:

    i dig the animation a lot. i also like this background, there should more strips that take place in Ralf's ship or at least some kind of high-tech future environment.

  7. Future Haters???

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