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Super Haters #356

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Have you noticed Mind's Eye's baby bump yet??? I've never been pregnant, so obviously I was working off of 3rd party information here to gauge how big it should be... but I hope it looks real!! Well, urrrmmm, lemme rephrase that -- I hope it looks reasonable for a completely unrealistic cartoon superhero sorceress that's about four months pregnant.

Soooooo I'm gonna go off-topic right now but keep it relevant to superheroes. I've been reading Steve Ditko's The Avenging Mind. It's a collection of essays from 2008. Among the comic book community (at least people I know), it's generally accepted that Ditko is an ethereal enigma... elusive and mysterious, impossible to interview, hard to track down, and silent about all things Spider-Man.

Truth is he's just opted to avoid doing interviews with mainstream comic book press and instead decided to work with Robin Snyder to self-publish his thoughts on the comic book business (not to mention publishing a ton of bizarre and interesting original comics on a fairly regular basis). I'm only one essay into The Avenging Mind, but Ditko has already addressed Marvel's publishing of the 2000s. And from what I understand, the rest of the collection is spent sharing his thoughts on the creation of Spider-Man and working with Stan Lee.

I'm sort of meandering now, so lemme get to the point... Ditko hasn't stopped creating and producing work. He's not dodging the topic of Spider-Man, and he's aware of what's going on in the modern comic book business. He's just choosing to take complete control of his words and not let an interviewer put any spin on his opinions. As I read more, I'll recap some of what he has to say and what I think about it. But for now, I just wanted to let you know that this stuff is out there and if you're curious about what's going on in Ditko's mind during all of this Spider-Man multimedia insanity, check out The Avenging Mind.

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