Crushed but not defeated, Destruct-O-Tron is finally starting to adjust to his new role as an office underling.

Super Haters #354

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Guest Week
Super Haters #355
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And that's a wrap for the Office Haters!!!! Huge THX to Scott for doing such a killer job. However, that's not all for today...

I'm super-stoked to present a fantastic Destruct-O-Cast podcast recap of this week's story featuring none other than the mega-crazy-awesome Scott Hedlund, master artist and seasoned podcaster:

We discuss Scott's artistic process, the creation of our collaboration, the influences behind the themes and jokes in our story, putting Mind's Eye in a skirt suit, and tons more.

Also, at the end of the show, I explain the meaning of this teaser and reveal next week's guest star:

See you on Monday with a brand new story arc!

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  1. Brian says:

    Ha! Great work you two, nice Weirdlings name check as well.

  2. Thx, Brian!!! I knew we had to get a Weirdlings shoutout in there somehwere :D

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