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Super Haters #353

Super Haters #352Scott Hedlund
Guest Week
Super Haters #354
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I have to confess that the visual punchline in this strip was lifted directly from a Kristen Wiig "Surprise Lady" SNL sketch that aired in early December 2011. For a brief period of time (okay, for like two months), I was obsessed with a different sketch from the same episode -- "Sex" Ed Vincent's Couples Therapy. My obsession with the one sketch caused me to watch the entire episode a few different times, and so Wiig's sketch became imprinted on my brain.

When it came time to write a lunchroom scene for this Office Haters story, all I could think of was the vending machine moment that happens 3:30 minutes into the Surprise Lady sketch. I mean, the context of the joke in Super Haters is totally different -- Captain Nasty has been forcefully stuffed into a vending man, he didn't choose to go in there like Wiig's character. But I still feel like I have to confess and reveal the homage nonetheless!

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  1. Ha! Great to see Todd finally own somebody!

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