Yesterday, Scott Hedlund made you hungry for next week's story. And now today, he's breathing life into the most communal of all Super Haters characters -- Captain Nasty:

Nasty made his first appearance as a nameless supervillain in Super Haters #58. In the comments, Ross Campbell dubbed him "Captain N," which inspired me to name him Captain Nasty.

Then, a few months ago, Byron Winton showcased a dead version of the character in Super Haters #307... the first time that the character was ever named in the comic itself.

Now Scott and I are taking things to the next level, making Captain Nasty an integral part of our short story. I'm excited to expand on this bizarro Captain America parody, and I think you'll definitely dig his appearances next week!

EDIT: I almost forgot!!! I'll be exhibiting at The Toonseum MiniCon today and tomorrow, here in Pittsburgh. Check out my blog post about it for more information.

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