Bet you thought the Super Haters were done and dead! WELL YOU WERE MUTHERFRUCKING WRONG, MUTHERFRUCKERS!!!

The above image is proof that Scott Hedlund is hard at work on his upcoming Super Haters Guest Week while I'm off galavanting around the USA. So don't worry... the Haters will return soon!!!

Comments on Scott Hedlund Guest Week Sneak Peak? We got 4 so far... leave yours now!

  1. AND YES I MEAN "PEAK"!!! It's the pinnacle of sneaks.

  2. I hope the feet really break out of the panels, I always dig that trick...

  3. Hi Brian, I'm thinking the feet won't end up breaking panel. I drew them in there because I wanted to have the whole figure when I go to ink/color it digitally. Having the whole figure gives me a little more freedom in placement.

  4. Last night, I saw the first inked and colored page... IT'S FUC@#$%ING AWESOME!!!

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