Mind's Eye did her best to convince Officer Hernandez to let Destruct-O-Tron go free.

Super Haters #348

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For today's "under the comic" material, I'd like to backtrack to yesterday. Super Haters guest writer Ross Campbell (you may remember him as the author that killed Destruct-O-Tron) had a new comic book hit the stands: Glory #23, a relaunch of Rob Liefeld's warrior woman. It was a great issue, so I recommend that you snag a copy ASAP. But I'm not here to talk about the story -- I'd like to point out an odd inclusion in Ross's interview that graced the back of the book:

There he is again.* The elusive Mr. MacDonald. And do you wanna know the weirdest thing about it? That's not even Ross's real answer to the question. If you click on the image above, it'll take you to a larger version of the entire interview... and you can see Ross's real answer a couple of paragraphs later, in the bottom of the left column.

WHO IS ROSS MACDONALD??? The mystery continues...

Anyway, speaking of Ross and Glory, I've got a special surprise (as opposed to an un-special surprise) for you next week. But before then, we need to conclude this Fast Cash story arc... Will Destruct-O-Tron finally land the role of Ross MacDonald, hamburger clown? Or were all of his legally questionable shenanigans for naught? FIND OUT TOMORROW!

*And if you don't know what I mean by again, you should check out this bizarre blog comment that launched the entire Ross MacDonald mystery... and, by proxy, inspired the Fast Cash story arc.

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  1. No joke, Ross MacDonald is hands down one of my favorite writers. I've probably read and re-read about a dozen of his mystery novels.


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