Mind's Eye just revealed Destruct-O-Tron's penchant for digging discarded porno mags out of the trash.

Super Haters #342

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Yesterday on Twitter and Facebook, I asked, "What's the weirdest Super Haters merch you would buy?" Here are your answers:

  • Charlie said "Super Haters branded dildo?"
  • Eric said "Lube."
  • Byron said "Destruct-O-Tron signatured speculum."
  • Eddie said "A frat paddle... and/or condoms."
  • Dan said "A protractor."
  • Andrew said "A trade paperback?"

So... many... good... answers... I can't pick a favorite!!! You're all winners in my book. And while a trade paperback is the most likely Super Haters product you'll see in the next year, I'll get started on the other ones right away.

BTW, does anyone know a good recipe for lube?

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  1. Google Santorum and that'll help you find a good recipe for lube. Btw "Gulp down my goodies." Eyeeew!

  2. Thx for the heads up on the recipe. I think Destruct-O-Tron brand Santorum will be a huge seller in pharmacies and adult stores across the country.

  3. Will the Destruct-O-Tron condoms glow in the dark so I can use them as a light source to read naughty magazines under the blankets???

  4. justique says:

    @Tony- I'm actually working on condoms that blink so they ca not only be used as an excitig secret light...but can liven up discos as well.

  5. @Tony: They'll be neon orange and possibly even slightly toxic to give you that extra edge in the sack.

    @Justique: I can't wait to test out the disco condom version 0.65. Version 0.64 was good, but it blinded me for a couple of hours.

  6. @ Justique: They would also work well as night time traffic warning lights for roadworks crews

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