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Super Haters #337

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Oh Bernie!!! You're such a... hmmmmmmm... what's the word I'm looking for? OH, I KNOW -- bastard. That's it. (BTW, today's punchline is partially inspired but the skeevy-yet-uplifting lyrics of Rod Stewart's Lost Paraguayos.)

Anyway, as you can see, I'm experimenting with a new lettering style for phone conversations. In the past, I've used a regular line for the on-panel voice and a lightning bolt line for the off-panel voice (see Super Haters #59 for an example). However, that was back when I used word balloons, so the whole dynamic was different.

When I eliminated the balloons and I started using only tails for the dialogue, the lightning bolt became a way of showing when somebody on-panel was talking on the phone. That new style gave me the opportunity to have Destruct-O-Tron interact with people both over the phone AND in the panel at the same time (see Super Haters #281 for an example).

But today's strip is the first time I've needed to show both sides of a phone conversation since I ditched the word balloons. I had no idea what to do!!! I originally wanted to go with something similar to the telepathy balloons often used by Professor X. So I tried surrounding Bernie's dialogue with flared corners (still sans balloons). And it looked like shit.

But I liked the corners idea nonetheless and continued to play with the idea for a disproportionately healthy amount of time. Finally, I arrived at the solution you see here -- bendy corners. So whaddaya think? Does it work for you?

Last but not least, I tease the direction of this current Fast Cash story arc on the latest episode of A Podcast with Ross and Nick (within the last half hour of the show). If you're curious and don't mind listening to 30+ minutes of Prince conversation, check it out!

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