There's something I've been hiding from you and I need to come clean: I'm collaborating on a Super Haters Guest Week with the enormously skilled Scott Hedlund.

In preparation for his guest stint, Scott did some incredible character sketches and I just have to share these beauties with you:

Obviously, this gives away the characters we're gonna use in our story -- Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye will be there, and they're bringing Captain Nasty and Mulldusa along for the ride.

Personally, I really dig Scott's interpretation of the Destruct-O-Gear 5000 armor. It has tons of fluidity with just a touch of bulkiness in there to drive home the fact that it's armor and not just a second skin.

Anyway, Scott's come up with a really crazy concept for our story that's sure to have you both captivated and confused right up until the very end. It's gonna be sweet!

Comments on Character sketches by Scott Hedlund? We got 8 so far... leave yours now!

  1. Captain Nasty's Nugget!

  2. It is very prominent, isn't it?

  3. That's partly what makes him Nasty! ;)

  4. ross says:

    they look great! but the Mind's Eye bodysuit AGAIN..? Nick, you gotta put your foot down, what is up with that?! how come everyone else gets real outfits but poor Mind's Eye always gets just "purple"?

  5. Hah! While the bodysuit isn't my personal preference for Mind's Eye, I like to give the guest artists 99% freedom to depict the Haters' costumes as they see fit ("99%" because once and awhile I make a request for a change). Every single person that's ever drawn Mind's Eye from the waist down (not just guest week artists... even people who've just done fan art) have given Nilufa a bodysuit. I don't know why people have gravitated towards that, but they have! It's sort of like "costume by committee" in that sense.

    I'd love to see her wearing something different, but I think it's really important that artists who collaborate with me get the chance to draw her like they want to see her. If I were to draw her in full costume, I'd probably put her in a long, billowing skirt... something that would look really epic if she was floating off of the ground and using her magic. But that's just me.

  6. ross says:

    haha, i didn't really mean you should put your foot down on the artists. i don't have any problem with bodysuits, she's a superhero/hater, but i just thought it was funny that pretty much every artist (or every artist, period?) has extrapolated a featureless purple bodysuit from your waist-up Mind's Eye drawing. like they didn't think of maybe it's a purple shirt or something? that seems like the most obvious thing it would be.

    but yeah, you're right, 99% freedom is good. :)

  7. I dig the fact that the original character drawings leave it open enough for readers to imagine her wearing whatever they prefer. Personally, I always imagined that it was just a shirt... something she bought at a random store in the mall. Express or one of those places. Hahahaha I barely even know the names of those places. JCPenny? T.J.Maxx? Something like that.

  8. Good point to Ross, I didn't put much thought into Mind's Eye clothing. I pretty much imagine her naked from the waist down. But for realz, Nick's script for my guest week doesn't call for her wearing the purple shirt or an honest to goodness costume, so I'm letting myself off the hook on this one. ;)

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