All you need to know is that Mind's Eye is pregnant. (And it doesn't hurt to remember the vacation she took last year!)

Super Haters #335

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Brand new story arc! I promise it'll be better than the last one, Maternity Test... which most of you seemed to passively dislike (and a select few of you actively disliked).

I'm going solo for Fast Cash to give Justique a bit of a break and because I already plotted this arc by myself in anticipation of working with a guest artist who BAILED ON ME!!! Just kiddin' ;) Guest artist -- you know who you are, and you definitely didn't bail on me. We just never settled on a story to tell. And, frankly, I'm really looking forward to arting this one myself. Yes, I said arting.

See you tomorrow when Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye will actually show up!

Comments on Fast Cash pt 1? We got 5 so far... leave yours now!

  1. He didn't leave his number? How's she going to call him back? Btw I think you should have tried to salvage Maternity Test, it had potential. I just don't like the Elves. They're sort of like the "Meg" of Super-haters.

  2. @Andrew: Ya know what? I thought the same thing when I was writing this one. But here's the thing -- he called her cellphone. And nowadays, even if you miss a call or don't have reception, the number still gets saved if the person leaves a voicemail.

    As for Maternity Test... here's the thing -- I really liked it!!! I get a kick out of Jerry and Gary. Obviously, the elves don't do it for everyone else. But they make me laugh just as much as everything else.

  3. Nice 5th panel! really funny.

  4. Funny to you, maybe. NOT FUNNY TO ME! This is my life, asshole.

  5. oh cry me a river, ya green haired freak! I might gone to far on the freak comment. My bad.

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