And then RALF ate Gary... just like he ate Jerry.

Super Haters #334

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And that's a wrap for Maternity Test, possibly the most hated story arc in the history of the Super Haters.

Speaking of hatin' on Maternity Test, there's a brand new Destruct-O-Cast podcast out today. And my guest, Brett Wallwork, says that Maternity Test is his least favorite Haters story of all time. Wow. Will the hate ever stop?!?! Anyway, here's the episode:

As for next week, we launch into a brand new story arc featuring some ridiculous hijinks and unexpected plot twists (uh oh... now you'll be expecting them!). I don't wanna spoil it too much, so I've created this cryptic equation to tease the plot: NO $$$ + DOT as RON = FRENCH FRY HANDCUFFS. Did you figure it out yet??? Leave your guesses in the comments!

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