Overhearing some talk about cookies, RALF popped in and Gary's not too happy about it.

Super Haters #333

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Bye, Gary!!!! I'd say it was nice knowing you, but honestly... you were an ass.

I'll see the rest of you tomorrow for the Destruct-O-Cast #4 and the conclusion of this story arc!

UPDATE: Ross said something in the comments that reminded me... I forgot to share a very important link with you! See, today's comic strip has a historical precedent. Specifically, Super Haters #262. Thus one brother meets the same fate as the other.

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  1. I call character genocide! (I have a thing for elf people)

  2. OMG are you calling me prejudiced against elves????

  3. I just might good sir. My good friend is an elf and this was unjust! Good day sir. GOOD DAY!

  4. ross says:

    haha, what happened? did he eat him, or scare him away with the burp?

  5. Ross, I'm glad you said what you said because it reminded me that I forgot to post a super important link along with today's comic! I've updated the blog post, which should now answer your questions in a very roundabout sort of way.

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