Mind's Eye refuses to pay for an expensive paternity test just to calm Gary's curiosity.

Super Haters #331

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Last night, I was recording the next episode of the Destruct-O-Cast and something came up... something that didn't surprise me at all based upon the reaction I've been seeing lately: some people don't like our current Maternity Test story arc very much.

Frankly, the blame falls squarely on my shoulders. This was my idea and almost completely written by me. And while I love the idea of Gary showing up and harassing Mind's Eye, I can see why you may not be enjoying this story as much as Republican Motherhood.

However, if you're hatin' on Maternity Test and Gary, the good news is that you don't have to wait long for this arc to wrap up. The story ends on Friday AND I have some twists and turns that kick in starting tomorrow. So hang in there! Next Monday, a brand new arc begins, with Destruct-O-Tron's unique brand of stupidity anchoring its plot.

Anyway, totally unrelated to all of that, as a final note for today... this past weekend, I posted on Facebook about the research I did for today's comic strip. Funny stuff. Check it out.

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