Gary thinks Mind's Eye is pregnant with his dead brother's baby.

Super Haters #328

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Wanna hear something a bit embarrassing? I wrote up a ton of different versions of that last line, trying to find something funny, topical, and that rhymed. In the process of writing, I actually had to look up the word tryst to make sure it meant what I thought it meant. So if you're a bit unclear on it, check out the definition of tryst for yourself.

Have you been watching this show called The Increasing Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret? Apparently the "first season" (only six episodes) aired in the fall of 2010 on IFC, and now they're just getting around to airing the "second season" (only six more shows) this month. I'm not sure how that worked out, exactly... but it's fucking hilarious! It's streaming on Netflix, and I highly recommend it, especially for fans of the humor on display here in Super Haters.

Also -- Eagle Awards nominations. Vote Super Haters for Q19. Don't need to vote in any other categories if you don't want to. Email verification required afterwards but I promise they won't spam your address. Please vote! Super Haters needs your help to get to the finals!!!

And don't forget -- tomorrow is Friday, Destruct-O-Cast day!!! I'll have a brand new episode featuring special guest Andrew Kilian, who'll join me to discuss our collaboration and his philosophy on making comics.

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