Awoken from her slumber, Mind's Eye stumbled downstairs to discover an unexpected visitor at her door...

Super Haters #326

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If you were wondering "Who in the fuck is Jerry Jingle?" while reading this comic strip, let me give you some quick backstory:

  • In Super Haters #171, we learned that Mind's Eye had a mysterious sex slave elf named Jerry.
  • In Super Haters #187, we finally got to see Jerry (and his Dat Ass paddle) for the first time.
  • In Super Haters #198, Mind's Eye convinced Susan to take Jerry back to her place for a few days.
  • In Super Haters #202, Jerry officially left Mind's Eye for his new lover, Susan.
  • In Super Haters #262, Mind's Eye and Jerry seemed to be on good terms again when she introduced him to RALF...
  • ...but then RALF ate Jerry. And that was that.

So that's Jerry in a nutshell! From devoted sex slave to unloyal lover to RALF's afternoon snack.

Also, here's a fun fact that's relatively important to the overall continuity of Super Haters (and, in particular, this story) -- Super Haters story arcs occur in real time. Now what I'm saying doesn't apply to reading Super Haters day-to-day. The comics within an individual story arc may occur within minutes of the character's lives, though they may be posted during two weeks of our lives. However, time passes between each story arc. And the amount of time that passes makes the story arcs fall into a similar calendar as ours.

For example, in continuity, Jerry left Mind's Eye for Susan last summer. Last summer also happens to be when I posted the In Lust story arc here on the Super Haters blog. Currently, it's mid-January in both our reality and Super Haters continuity. Get it? So as this particular story arc progresses, that timeline will be important. And, frankly, that general timeline will remain important into the future.

What do you think? Do you like that the passage of time in Super Haters is similar to the passage of time in our lives?

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