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Super Haters #324

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Well, that's a wrap for this Republican Motherhood story arc! I hope you've dug this one as much as I have.

But the fun ain't over -- there's a brand new Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast today! In this podcast, Justique joins me to discuss our co-writing process. Who's better at plotting the comic? Who's better at writing character dialogue? Listen and find out! Plus, we answer more of your kickass listener feedback. Here's the episode:

Also, on a personal note, today I've blogged about my tattoo on, where you take a look at it and learn its secret origin.

Finally, next week we'll be kicking off our new storyline, Maternity Test. If you listen to today's podcast, we hint at what you can expect to see in #325. It's gonna be sweet!!!! See you back here on Monday!

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