Mulldusa took Destruct-O-Tron's advice and tried to hook up with Mind's Eye. It didn't go so well.

Super Haters #323

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This comic strip revisits the cookies nipples punchline of #321, a comic strip which led both Andrew and Katie to wonder: "What in the hell are cookie nipples??" I was purposely vague in answering their query because I knew the phrase was coming back around again in a couple of days, and I figured it would be funnier if Google explained it to them instead of me.

See, I too was unaware of the term "cookie nipples" when I was writing these comics. I knew I wanted Destruct-O-Tron to have an unusual porn collection, but I didn't know what kind of porn sounded the most unexpected. I went on Wikipedia and explored the different sub-genres of pornography until I found a couple that sounded especially fantastic -- puffy nips and facesitting.

Then I called up Justique to see what she thought sounded best. I read her #321's dialogue with a few different sub-genres as options. She liked puffy nips the most, but she wasn't 100% sold. That's why, a couple of minutes later, she texted me back with two ominous words: cookie nipples. And the rest, as they say, is Super Haters history.

So now -- after my ridiculously long-winded explanation -- I'm proud to present the definition of cookie nipples, according to the illustrious Urban Dictionary:
A nipple that is just bigger in diameter than those small fuckers. They're called cookie nipples because they are usually the size of a cookie.
Makes sense, right? And before I go, I wanna get something straight -- in no way, shape, or form am I making fun of cookie nipples!!! In fact, I think they're fantastic. Frankly, I think all nipples are fantastic. And no matter what kind you have, I believe that you should be proud of your nipplistic individuality!

To me, the humor is in the fact that Destruct-O-Tron has such a passion for cookie nipples that he's gone out and scrounged up enough footage to claim he has a collection. And if you don't find that funny? Well, shit. I dunno what to tell you. It's hilarious to me!

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  1. I like that you went to the trouble of finding existing outre porn rather than inventing it ala South Park. I think that's more funny, the fact that it's out there.

  2. Thx :)

    I generally find that the truth is way funnier than anything I can make up.

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