Mind's Eye is pregnant and Destruct-O-Tron is a dick.

Super Haters #317

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Time for linkage! If you can make it through the first 20 minutes or so of our intense Ernest discussion, the middle of A Podcast with Ross and Nick #119 features some great Super Haters conversation between Ross Campbell, Kaylie McDougal, and myself. I tease a possible Haters collaboration with Kaylie, and Andrew Kilian suggests an olde tyme Super Haters radio show.

Speaking of podcasts, this Friday will see the debut of the Destruct-O-Cast, a new weekly podcast experiment on the AudioShocker. I say experiment because I make no promises! It might go great or it might flop. I just have to wait and see if the magic happens.

Last but not least, the nomination round for this year's Eagle Awards is now open. If you have a few minutes, please fill out the nomination survey and select Super Haters for "Q19: Favourite Web-Based Comic." Look, let's be honest -- it's a super long shot that Super Haters will become a final nominee... but if it's ever gonna happen, I can't do it without your help! Anyway, you can expect to be barraged with reminders about this until the end of the nomination round :)

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  1. Is D's gonna run for political office next?

  2. I heard Destruct-O-Tron's working on gaining some grass roots support in New Hampshire and South Carolina before he makes any official announcements.

  3. While I'm not currently campaigning, I'm not closed off to exploring a possible presidential bid.

  4. I'm curious as to whether D-Tron has the required 10,000 signatures to run in Virginia. :)

  5. I'm working on it. It's just that, well... it's really fucking hard to sign your own name 10,000 times. My hand is cramping like crazy. But I'm getting there -- only 4,317 to go!!!

  6. You guys have a character guide?

  7. @Magnus: I've thought about it but obviously haven't done it! Since this comic strip has grown significantly in the past year, I think it'd be a good time to roll one out. Thx for the suggestion :)

  8. Yeah, it'd be very useful. I read the two latest strips and like them... I want to read the whole back-archive from day one... but I don't have time right now, so I'd like to keep on reading from now, and have the lowdown on each main character.

    In any case, these two strips are pretty clear, and I can see (correct me if I'm wrong) that these two characters are more or less a Vision and Scarlett Witch kind of characters. First thoguht that D-O-T was Iron Man, but then I saw he mentioned having been turned into a white guy for a while.

  9. @Magnus: OH NO! Your comment makes me realize that Super Haters is getting bogged down by its own continuity!!! I think a characters page is definitely in order for sure :)

    Destruct-O-Tron is sorta like War Machine meets Deapool, while Mind's Eye is sorta like Zatanna meets Emma Frost. The Vision and Scarlet Witch comparison is something I've never thought of before, and it's definitely an interesting interpretation, though I don't think it lines up once you get to know the Haters' personalities.

  10. I'll get it, eventually... but Destruct-O-Tron is a guy and not a robot?

  11. Hahaha yeah, he's a human! I used to keep it ambiguous, and it was a mystery whether he was human or robot... but in #78-79 I finally revealed that there's a human inside the armor.

  12. And he's a brother, then?

  13. If you're asking if I have any siblings, then the answer is yes. I have an asshole sister named Beth.

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