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Super Haters #316

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Some of you may remember a few weeks ago when I asked you which type of Super Haters comic strip you prefer -- three panels or six panels. After surveying this blog, Facebook, and Twitter, the results are... [drum roll]... three people prefer six panels, three people said "whatever works best for the story" (which, BTW, is a total bogus answer!), and five people said they prefer three panels.

As you can see, I've decided to not listen to the winning vote and go with six panels for this story arc. But that doesn't mean that I don't care! I appreciate the input and I'll definitely take it into account when I'm crafting future stories.

Speaking of surveys, last night I launched an impromptu survey on Twitter, asking tweeps: "What superhero would you like to see parodied in Super Haters?" So far, the answers have been great: Aquaman, Invincible, Union, and Super Chicken. And now I'd like to direct that question you -- what hero would you like to see mercilessly mocked in a future Haters comic?

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  1. I'd go with any member of the Fantastic Four.

  2. Storm! Because I know your love for that chickie!
    Or Two-Face... with your presentation style, it'll be limited and or awkward.

  3. fin fang foom!

  4. @Brian: The FF would be really fun. I bet Shawn Atkins would love to parody them when he does another guest week later this year.

    @Byron: TWO-FACE!!! Yes!! That's a killer idea -- a split character, and people don't learn until the end that the character is split down the middle (ya know, when the character finally turns to face front). Fantastic!!!

    And I would love to parody Storm too, but I'll be damned if I know how. She's so serious, but (to me) not in a funny type of way. Cyclops, for example? Now that's funny serious. I could really dig into that. But Storm's so... WAIT! I just had a Storm-ish parody idea. OH SHIT! It's a good one, too. But I'm not gonna say anything :) It'll be a surprise.

  5. @Shawn: Have you ever read Roger Langridge's "Fin Fang Four"? That's one of my favorite superhero parodies!

  6. no i haven't, but the cover looked cool and funny.

  7. it's great!!! i'll try to find it for you in the back issue bins at Phantom.

  8. No, I mean if you're a black man. Like Samue L. Jackson.

  9. justique says:

    Awkward ^~^

  10. Who's Samue L. Jackson?

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