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Super Haters #313

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Believe it or not, today is the very first time that the Super Haters webcomic has ever run in black and white! I've taken the color comics and reformatted them for grayscale print collections... but I've never designed the comic to be read in black and white until now.

Anyhoo, today's comic is called "Mind’s Eye of the Beholder pt 1"... be back tomorrow for pt 2 and the conclusion *sniffle* of Byron Winton Guest Week(s)!

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  1. I loved that episode of twilight episode

  2. doing black and white makes sense for a comic based on the twilight zone.

  3. PIG NOSE!

  4. There's NO pig nose! THIRD EYE, yes, but no pig nose. Andrew, you're the pig nose! Hahahaha!

    Nick, this is the BEST coloring you've done in the entire 313 strips. Srsly! 4 rlz!

  5. Thx Byron :) How ironic that your favorite colors would have... no color.

    And for the record, I've never seen this episode.

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