"Somebody in this camp ain't what he appears to be."

Super Haters #309

Super Haters #308Byron Winton
Guest Week(s)
Super Haters #310
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Week One... done.

Next up: Week Two!!!

Comments on Byron Winton Guest Weeks pt 5? We got 7 so far... leave yours now!

  1. Get it? They're all monsters of-sorts except Webmaster. Jeez people. Don't make me explain everything to ya!

  2. I GET IT!!!

  3. How come I'm not in this?

  4. neat!

  5. ross says:

    who's the guy who's the Thing? Byron, i just do not get these strips of yours, haha, i'm sorry. XD

  6. it's Webmaster a.k.a. Roddy Rod a.k.a. Roderick Rodriguez a.k.a. the blogger behind Super Gyros from the Super Haters reboot I did at #50: http://comics.superhaters.com/2011/01/super-haters-50a.html

  7. ross says:

    not very new-reader-friendly.

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