The Haters continue their descent into movie madness.

Super Haters #308

Super Haters #307Byron Winton
Guest Week(s)
Super Haters #309
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Tomorrow, git yer asses back here for the follow up to this comic, a little something Byron likes to call "The Intruder pt 2"!

Comments on Byron Winton Guest Weeks pt 4? We got 3 so far... leave yours now!

  1. What is he showing us in the third panel? Is he doing air guitar? Cool snakes.

  2. He's about to headbang. Two dozen flailing snakes!!!

  3. ross says:

    what is happening in this comic. i get this one almost, it's a Thing reference, but what is the third panel?!?! is he Thinging out with his snakes or something? why is it a Thing riff in the first place??? GAAAGGGHH this strip is too smart for me

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