The first rule of Super Haters is that you do not talk about Super Haters.

Super Haters #307

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I'd say something interesting or clever here, but I'm not supposed to talk about Super Haters.

Wait! Actually, there is something I wanna say. Remember yesterday when I said that Byron made a comprehensive list of every character that's ever appeared in this comic? Well, when I got his scripts, there was a very unexpected name in the mix -- Captain Nasty. One of the most obscure of the Haters cast, Captain Nasty appeared only once in Super Haters #58 and he was never named in the comic itself. In the comments, Ross asked a question and sarcastically referred to the character as Captain N. Running with the joke, I called him Captain Nasty in my reply. And Byron is such a Super Haters scholar that he actually picked up on it and now it's official!

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  1. Bwah hahahaha! I love this scene. Nothing, but the greatest hits ala Super Haters.

  2. See, like I said. So skinny! Now that Kilian guy up here -- he knew how to pack on the beef!!! That's what I'm talking about.

  3. ross says:

    great artwork but i do not understand this! haha. what is going on.

  4. ross says:

    oh yeah, i wasn't sarcastic about calling him Captain N, that's just what i thought his name was. :\

  5. hahaha well I'm glad you called him that because it led to Captain Nasty, which I think is a great supervillain name.

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